Extremely proud to be listed in the top 13 rosé wines for 2017 by Waitrose and The Independent

A sassy and sophisticated 2016 vintage Rosé from Piedmont, Northern Italy. Bright coral hues with rose tints that really come to life in sunlight.

This refined blend of grapes from the terroir entices with a lovely nose of peony and crushed rocks. Palate is dry, cool and sleekly textured, precise and pure. Summer fruits and floral hints of jasmine. Modern and approachable, a perfect companion for those long hazy days and sultry summer nights.

True to its name, Make me Blush has the complexity and confidence to captivate your interest, seamlessly balanced by a soft dusty minerality, alluring you back for more.

Savour as a refreshing aperitif or accompaniment to fresh fish dishes, crab and super salads. The depth and body compliments creamier dishes too, such as fettuccine alfredo, lobster bisque or seafood risotto.